Donuts with soybean paste originated from Yufuin

& Cafe menu can be enjoyed
nico donut cafe Aira

At the store, 13 types of donuts with a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate and kinako are lined up for 170-260 yen, and a limited-time menu will also appear.

Donuts made with plenty of nutritious soybean paste that is kind to the body

The more you chew, the more delicious the ingredients spread in your mouth. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy and has a gentle sweetness.

Donuts that can be eaten by the whole family from small children are perfect as souvenirs.

You can also enjoy side menus such as panini and hot dogs using soybean paste.

The drink menu also offers decaffeinated coffee, which is great for pregnant women.

Public Relations Aira "AIR Aview" April 15, 4th issue of Reiwa More excerpt