3.20 Cocokara held

Held Spring March COCO COLOR
Nice miscellaneous goods and restaurants are gathered from outside Aira city.

    [Place] Kirishima Kinkowan National Park Shigetomi Beach [Time] 9:00 to 15:00


■ Sky Clear
The charm of healthy adults and cuteness originating from Kagoshima SkyClear is a mobile sale of completely handmade products centered on Kagoshima with the concept of "providing healthy and cute Hawaiian charms, including the world's first Hawaiian sandwich". doing. Along with health-conscious food and drinks, feel the extraordinary space of "the atmosphere of Hawaii created by food trucks" on the Shigetomi coast, and enjoy a fun time to heal your daily fatigue.

■ Avenir.cafe
We will deliver two popular menus "Pita bread" and "Tiramisu chiffon cup" from the Avenir Cafe attached to "PARIS AVENIR" in Higashi-Kuda, Aira City. Please spend a spring day leisurely on the Shigetomi coast.

■ mitette
I'm making small items by relying on the inspiration of something like this that I wish I had. We are particular about the material and feel, so please pick it up and take a look.

■ Handmade workshop Kado <br /> Please see the original work that makes the best use of the warmth of wood.

■ Kitchen Car Erica Curry <br /> Uses Japanese black beef and black pork meat from Kagoshima prefecture. A curry that is stewed to the extent that onions and carrots melt, and is a blend of several spices. Sweet curry is a curry that can be eaten by both infants and adults.

■ Spring sun
We will take a photo that makes the best use of the scenery of the Shigetomi coast. How about remembering a wonderful photo? In addition, this time we will also open a booth for moms who are starting to start a business. Please take a look.

■ Aira Nomugi <br /> Aira Nomugi is an organization that processes Aira's agricultural products, including Aira's wheat, to promote the sixth industrialization, and to let people know about Aira's goodness. Please enjoy the deliciousness made with local ingredients.

■ Woody cloth <br /> We make cheap, light and long-lasting items such as picture frames and stepping stones that can make your daily life easier. Would you like to send a picture frame that complements the work of an up-and-coming artist and a memorable photo? There are many folding tables to start a new life.

■ Karakichi from the beginning!
Please enjoy the karaage that won the gold medal for 4 consecutive years from all over the country!

■ Kobo Teru <br /> Each one is lovingly handmade. Please pick it up and thank you.

■ Sustainable Shop Rakute Arakutea <br /> A sustainable shop is a shop that sells products that lead to the creation of a sustainable society by purchasing them.
We are handling products that protect the creatures and environment of Kinko Bay and Kagoshima! Please come and join us!

■ Handmade pudding specialty store Kajihara <br /> We sell handmade pudding that is particular about Kagoshima prefecture as much as possible, not only milk and eggs but also other ingredients. We aim to make pudding that makes you smile by eating our pudding.

* There is a possibility that the number of stores will increase. Please look forward to it ♪
* Please cooperate in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. On the day of the event, we will ask you for your name and contact information at the reception.

Aira City Tourism Association