“Unsweetened and unsalted food” restaurant ✨ Fontana no Oka

How nice! 0 New healthy food "sugar-free and salt-free" restaurant has been renewed and opened! The new theme is "new healthy food "sugar-free and salt-free" It is a delicious dish that maximizes the "sweetness" and "umami" of the original ingredients without adding sugar or salt as seasoning. A truly physical meal, I want everyone to feel the deliciousness… It is filled with such thoughts. Please enjoy a sugar-free and salt-free meal where the taste of the ingredients carefully selected in the clear air surrounded by greenery will make your body feel. Only 20 meals per day are reserved. (The first day was sold out. Thank you.) We look forward to […]

Aira City Sightseeing Volunteer Guide Resumes

How nice! 0 We will restart the fixed-point guide by Aira City Tourism Volunteer Guide Association from June ✨ [Yamada Triumphal Arch Fixed Point Guide] Wednesday, June 3 from 10:00 to 12:30 Saturday, June 6 14: 00-16: 30 Saturday, June 13 from 14:00 to 16:30 Sunday, June 21 from 10:00 to 12:30 Friday, June 26, 14: 00-16: 30 [Kajiki Ryumonjizaka Fixed Point Guide] Sunday 13: 00 ~ 15: 00 [Gamou Large Fixed Point Guide] Saturday from 12:30 to 15:00 Sundays and public holidays 10:00 to 12:30, 12:30 to 15:00 * Information based on fixed points. There is no guide to walk with them. In some cases, it may not be […]

A new version of the red stamp book has appeared.

How nice! 0 A new version of the red stamp book has appeared ✨ This time for a limited time! "Satsuma Kenshi Hayato" It will be on sale at the Aira City Tourist Information Center (2445-7 Higashidonta, Aira City TEL: 0995-67-6052). The "Yoshihiro Shimazu ~ Oni Shimazu ~" and "Yoshihiro Shimazu ~ Kurito Kurige ~" are now on sale! How about all the red stamp fans?

Barrier-free support “Kagoshima family bath map”

How nice! 0 Kagoshima family hot water map has been completed, which is edited by NPO e-Workers Kagoshima. It is also distributed at the Aira City Tourist Information Center. 16 family baths that are barrier-free and are included in the map by municipality are posted. Contact Us: 0995-73-3695 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00) Kagoshima Barrier Free Tour Center

The 2nd installment “Aira Gourmet / Special Products Drive-Through”

How nice! 0 Date: May 30th (Sat) -31st (Sun) 11: 00-14: 00 Meeting place: Kajiki-cho Kaon Hall parking lot [Participating stores] ① Kojihara Pudding ② Kitchen Nouveau ③ Ikao ④ Juraku ⑤ Kids Cafe & Bar Link ⑥ Zazen ⑦ Uenoya ⑧ Moriyama Farm ⑨ Yamasaki * Please come wearing a mask! * You cannot enter on foot! Host: Aira City Specialty Products Telephone 0995-63-2295

Guidelines for consultation and consultation regarding new coronavirus infection

How nice! 0 Regarding new type coronavirus infectious disease, if you fall into any of the following, please contact the "Returnees / Contacts Consultation Center" (see Aira Health Center in the city below). In case of emergency such as unconsciousness, please call 119 to request an ambulance. ● If you have any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath (dyspnea), strong dullness (fatigue), high fever, etc. ● Those who are likely to become severe (*) and have relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever and cough (*) Elderly people, people with basic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases, etc. ● If you have a relatively mild flu symptoms […]

[Haradama Shochu “Sappon Mugi” from Aira City is completed! ]

How nice! 0 "Hadeka barley" has been cultivated by members of the Ai Barley Production Association since 2011 to revive the barley of Aira City, which was once one of the prefecture's leading production centers. This time, it was commercialized by Shirokane Shuzo as a new shochu "Suppon Mugi". It features the original mellow scent of naked barley and the faint cedar scent derived from a wooden barrel distiller. Sale is limited to Aira city. It can be purchased today from Friday, May 25th, at the sake dealers in the city and at the shops in the Ishikura Museum. For daily daze. Toast with everyone. Father's Day is coming soon. […]

Public information Aira [AIR Aview]

How nice! 0 Click here for "Latest Issue, May 15, 2015, NO.207" PDF Close-up: "The second Aira city comprehensive strategy was completed" AIRA KIDS Parenting information page: "Think about colors and enjoy them with your children." Work Research: "Work in the field of childcare, where the needs of workers are increasing-Aira City Hometown Hello Work" Other * Some events may be postponed or canceled as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. We publish area, person, administration, event information every month on the 15th ✨ (Issue: Aira City Hall Editing: Secretary Public Relations Section Public Relations Section)

[Application acceptance start] Information on Aira City business continuity support fund

How nice! 0 [Application acceptance start] Aira City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Aira City Business Continuity Support Fund Information From the Aira City Commerce and Tourism Division, we will support the business continuation of Aira city businesses whose sales have been reduced by more than 20% and less than 50% due to the new coronavirus infection. Applications are accepted from Monday, May 18th. Application documents This site Please download more. Data set regarding application documents (Zip compression file: 1.3MB) The contents of the downloaded file include the following 8 files [Requirements] Aira City Business Continuity Fund.pdf 1_application.docx 1_ application form.pdf 2_ Monthly Sales Table.docx 2_ Monthly Sales Table.pdf 3_Oath.pdf […]

Weather warning

How nice! 0 22:17 May 18, 2020 Announcement The heavy rain warning was announced. Heavy rain warning has been canceled. The flood warning has been lifted. [Aira City] Heavy rain warning lightning warning 【Sediment disaster】 Caution period: Until the 19th day 【Thunder】 Caution period: Be careful of tornado until dawn on 19th