<> About recruitment of subsidy projects such as cultural art performances

How nice! 0 The prefecture held a performance of cultural arts, exhibitions, etc. that had been canceled or postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, and a performance that was scheduled to be held by attracting customers, and the video We support efforts to produce and distribute. Support for resuming canceled performances, etc. Subsidies for holding performances that have been canceled or postponed due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection (including cases where new performances are held in place of the canceled or postponed performances). Support for implementation of non-audience performances, etc. If it becomes difficult to hold a performance that was scheduled to be […]

<< I can send you a letter from Santa! 》

How nice! 0 Annual Christmas event ? This year, we all wondered if we could make the children happy even with the corona sickness, and planned the event in this way! ★ Target Homes with children under 6 years old living in Aira ★ Required documents (1) Application form * Please download and print in A4 size. ▶ application ▶ Application requirements Here From (2) Reply envelope (with stamp) * Refer to the application guidelines. ★ How to apply Mail (deadline November 30 postmark valid) ★ Destination 〒899-5421 336 Higashimochida, Aira City Aeon Town Aira East Block 1st Floor Airaby FM Co., Ltd. "Letter from Santa" line ?

《Kinko Bay Wetland》 We conducted a benthic survey.

How nice! 0 Today, we conducted a benthic survey of the Kinko Bay Wetlands with the support of the Global Environment Fund, loveblue. It was a calm weather where you can see Sakurajima upside down from the tidal flats. More than 30 Black-faced Spoonbills are flying. There were many creatures such as Favonigobius, Flower Crab, Chikuzenhaze and Teppo Webbi ♪ (Reprinted article on November 13) ▶ Camphor Tree Nature Museum

《Autumn National Fire Prevention Campaign Week》 Street sentry and fire protection training

How nice! 0 As we enter the season when fires are likely to occur, we aim to further spread the idea of fire prevention, prevent fires, reduce the number of deaths due to fires, and prevent property loss . 7 from November 9th to 15th During the day, the staff of the Fire Department of Airashi City conducted a street sentry to call on the citizens to raise awareness of fire prevention. . In addition, we conducted security technical training for two days at the Central Fire Department Training Center with the aim of expanding and learning practical unit operation techniques and improving the crisis management and safety management capabilities […]

《1st Starland AIRA “Sora” Photo Exhibition》

How nice! 0 We are holding a special photo exhibition. We look forward to your visit. Effect: Increase interest in nature and astronomical activities in Aira City, and improve citizens' motivation to learn. Host: Aira City Board of Education, Starland AIRA Work theme: A photo of the sky taken in Aira city. Be sure to see the sky seen from Aira city. Exhibition period: Starland AIRA Reiwa 2 November 3 (Wednesday / Holiday) -December 27 (Sunday) Aira City Central Library Reiwa January 6th (Wednesday) -January 20th (Wednesday) Aira Public Hall Reiwa February 1st (Monday) -February 19th (Friday) Contact Us: Board of Education Board of Education Education Division Starland Aira (997-16 […]

《Aira Footpath-Ryumon Roman Course》

How nice! 0 Application will start tomorrow. Please apply for the popular footpath as soon as possible! [Aira Footpath Ryumon Roman Course] We will visit Ryumon Falls and Tatsumonjizaka in early winter, Takakura Observatory, Twitter Forest, Ceramics Land, and Kinzan Bridge. After walking, have a delicious lunch. Great souvenirs! Application period: November 6th (Friday) -November 29th (Sunday) * Deadline when capacity is reached ▶ [Let's walk! Aira] Aira Footpath-Ryumon Roman Course-General Incorporated Association Aira City Tourism Association