Status of private hot spring facilities (as of April 23)

How nice! 0 We will inform you of the status of private hot spring facilities. Please contact each facility for details. ♨ one Kokorosakura Aira Onsen (Aira City Hiramatsu 2663-24 ☎0995-73-4126) No change in business hours ♨ Valley Garden (1773 Hiramatsu, Aira City ☎099-295-2044) No change in business hours (Sauna is closed for the time being) Lunch only for lunch ♨ Kajiki Onsen (2041-1 Kida, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi ☎0995-63-2626) Temporarily closed from April 23 (Thursday) to May 6 (Thursday) ♨ Fontana Hill or Already (434-1 Kusue, Gamo-cho, Aira City ☎0995-52-1218) Business hours shortened 8 am-7pm (Onsen / store) Lunch buffet rest ♨ Funatsu Onsen (2760 Funatsu, Aira City ☎0995-65-7777) Normal business […]

[Supporting restaurants! ] Air Mirai Ticket

How nice! 0 In order to support restaurants, etc. that are suffering from long-distance business due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, We will prepare gift certificates for pre-payment and carry out a business that will be used by restaurants and other parties that agree with them. By using Aira citizens and other users who promise to go eat at a restaurant in the future, It is a system that supports the management and survival of restaurants while refraining from using familiar restaurants. The available store information will be updated at any time.

Location rankings I would like to visit / watch (Western Japan)

How nice! 0 "Amakusa Gohashi," which was the stage for "Yowamushi Pedal," took first place. Location rankings I would like to visit / watch (Western Japan) "Lifestyle" (, a community support site created by everyone, run by Wavedash Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Yuki Kono, President) We have announced the top 10 of everyone's ranking 11th "Locations I want to go and see (West Japan)". This "Let's go to see and want to see location rankings (West Japan)" is a lifestyle guide for Western Japan's "locations and places where works are staged" carefully selected by the Life Guide. .com members select what they want to go and see, and […]

Hanamonomo no Sato

How nice! 1+ Hanamomo is in full bloom. You can enjoy the bright flowers of red, pink and white through early April. ▼ It was introduced on TV!…/kagoshima/20200305/5050009505.html

The trip of the dwarf’s first dart

How nice! 0 The trip of the dwarf's first dart It is Yayoi how. Moreover, Tetsuro Degawa's first participation in the war. I play with the primary school students of Yayoi and beautiful high school girls. You may also be showing off the local people and Mr. Degawa's iron plate material! ? . Laugh and cola! 4 hour special May 1 (Wednesday) 19: 00-22: 54 Nippon Television Group ※I'm sorry. Up again (Staff) Facebook

Yayoi Mio and nine other cultural assets in the city have been certified as Japanese heritage!

How nice! 0 Yayoi Mio and nine other cultural assets in the city have been certified as Japanese heritage! The heritage recognized this time is made up of the cultural assets of Kagoshima 1 prefecture 9 cities, including Aira city, under the title of "Walking in Satsuma's Samurai Town ~ Samurai Residence Group ~ ~ ~". From Motoichi, nine of Gyushuu, Yayoi Castle ruins, Yayoi Mochiyamon, Ogiyaya Inu (Hitotsuba), Yayoi Hachiman Shrine, Yayoi Kuss, drum dance, Yayoi paper-making, Kakehashizaka are selected. In addition to that, there are also shochu shochu and sweet potato as common to 1 prefecture 9 cities. The recognition object of Japanese heritage is not only cultural […]

【Tsukikakari Film Festival】

【Tsukikakari Film Festival】 Xmas On Saturday, December 22 (Saturday), we will hold the outdoor cinema festival which will be the first trial of Aira City. The venue is Kajiki ‘s chirping forest. You can enjoy wooden playground and grass skiing while listening to the birds singing. It is a great place to enjoy cinema in an open space of nature in a facility where you can experience camping at lodge or bungalow. On the day it is a full moon day of midwinter. The screening work selected a monthly animation that can be enjoyed from children to adults “Monster thief of the Kaitou glue” and a heartwarming and inspiring work […]