A hot battle by the spiders! “Aira City Kajiki Spider Battle Tournament”, held on June 17!

At Kajiki Welfare Center, “Aira City Kajiki Spider Battle Tournament” will be held on Sunday, June 17, 2018. The spider’s battle is said to have begun that Shimazu Yoshihiro’s fight fangs (female) in order to inspire soldiers in the crown when Benkoku / Keicho’s role. In 1996 he received the choice of a country’s intangible cultural asset, and it is an unusual event all over the country where the interests of various media are also high. Please take a look at the hot fight with spiders who are proud of their players.   · Summary of the event   Date and time Sunday, June 17, 2018 (Sun) 8: 30 – […]

Why do not you walk on the foot path course of irrigation foot?

“Aira footpath” is a walking course that can enjoy the cityscape and nature that remains from the city’s old days. Opened the 4th course in Kitayama upper district where bronze blooms this time. You can enjoy peaceful rural scenery and beautiful paddy field. Date and time: April 30 (Monday · Public Holidays) Start accepting from 10 am Meeting place: Eboshikan (Old Toyama primary school) Entry fee: 1,200 yen Course: 3 km Capacity: First 100 people Application deadline: Thursday, April 5 Application: Executive Committee 080-2720-6521 (Reception from 9 am to 5 pm) Aira foot path bricks’ village course (PDF: 190KB)

Tourism application of Aira city was born!

Aira city sightseeing application was born this time! Aira city will also participate in the information provision application “Cocosil” operated by UCS Technology Co., Ltd. We can receive information necessary for sightseeing in Aira city such as sightseeing information, event information, gourmet, town walking tour course etc. In addition, since there is a function of multilingual audio guide in town walking tour course, it is possible to sightseeing while listening to guide by voice. Furthermore, since the language in the application corresponds to six languages ​​(Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional / Simplified) Korean / Thai), it can be used for foreign tourists as well. We also made a Web […]