“SDGs Action 4” starts today!

"SDGs Action 4" will start on July 21st at Nagisa Museum!

    This SDGs Action 4 is an event held at each of the four locations: Io World Kagoshima Aquarium, Hirakawa Zoological Park, Kagoshima Environmental Future Museum, and Nagisa Museum.

You don't have to go to all four facilities.
Each facility has four issues related to the SDGs.

    If you take action on the task and answer the questionnaire, you will find wonderful souvenirs and commemorative projects.
    The holding period is different for each facility, so please check the leaflets etc.

Would you like to take a step toward the future this summer?
We look forward to your participation everyone.

Kusunoki Nature Museum .
Nagisa Museum

    Address: 7675 Hiramatsu, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture