[Old folk house cafe] Sunny weather after a long absence!

Blue sky !! I'm happy ?

    The rain is rainy and tasteful, but …
    After all, fine weather brightens my feelings (^ ∇ ^)
    While cleaning the garden, the staff was exposed to the sun and recharged (* ^ O ^ *) ?

On a day like this, I recommend black tea (^-^)
After strolling along the samurai residence street, it will permeate your body ✨

    Like an old folk house, the window is opened to make a screen door.
    Because it's hot, the fan is also switched on! ️

At the entrance of the store, we ask you to check your body temperature, disinfect your fingers with alcohol, and wear a mask. Thank you for your cooperation m (_ _) m

(Reprinted on May 23)

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