The “Nagisa Museum” exhibition has been renewed!

The exhibition was significantly renewed on October 1, 2020. I would like to introduce it because it is easier to see and more fun.

▶ Press release from Ministry of the Environment Here

  1. A facility name sign is installed so that it can be easily seen from the parking lot.
  2. Kinko Bay panoramic view
  3. nagisa2
      Graphically expresses the shape of the seabed in Kinko Bay and the creatures that live in various environments.

      There are also models of Satsumahaorimushi and Sakegashira.

  4. The story of the past and present on the Kinko Bay coast
  5. nagisa4
      An easy-to-understand explanation of the history of Kinko Bay and the history of the coastline.

  6. Kinko Bay Viewpoint
  7. nagisa5
      Introducing the viewpoint at the back of Kinko Bay with photos and videos.

  8. Kinko Bay Story
  9. nagisa6
      Introducing the characteristic creatures of Kinko Bay, "dolphins", "sea turtles", "black-faced spoonbills", and the "meaning" of those creatures.

  10. Aquarium exhibition powers up
  11. nagisa7
      The tidal flat aquarium can now express the ebb and flow of the tide, making the aquarium much easier to see as a whole.

Please come to the Nagisa Museum, Shigetomi Beach Nature Fureaikan, which is easier and more enjoyable than ever.