<> Rice ball photo contest

I ♡ Ra-chan Fresh Corps Yasaranger "Onigiri Photo Contest"

[Recruitment details]

    We are looking for photos of I ♡ Ra-chan / Fresh Corps Yasaranger character rice balls made by parents and children.

[Application rules]

    For elementary school students in JA Aira jurisdiction. Parental cooperation is also OK!
    Up to 2 works can be submitted per person. However, it is limited to unpublished works.
    Please be sure to attach the completed photo.


[Recruitment period]

    Must arrive on Friday, October 30

【Application method】

    You can apply by using the prescribed application form, or by email with the necessary information and the completed (photo) image attached.


    ▶ For more information JA Aira Official Homepage Please refer to the.
    ▶ Flyer (PDF) Here

Results will be announced on the website in December 2020. We are waiting for many applications! !!

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