About measures for new coronavirus infectious disease in refuge

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, Kagoshima Prefecture was designated as a target area for the new coronavirus infectious disease declaration. Against this backdrop, infectious disease control is particularly important because it increases the risk of infectious disease when opening shelters.

We will respond as follows to the operation of the evacuation center in Aira City. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Consider evacuation to relatives / acquaintances' homes

Consider whether you can evacuate to a safe relative or acquaintance's house.
Due to the prevention of infectious diseases, the available space is limited compared to when operating a normal shelter.
We ask that you contact us in advance so that you can evacuate not only to the shelter, but also to safe relatives and acquaintances.

Bringing what you need

To prevent infectious diseases, please bring drinking water and daily necessities from home as much as possible.

Examples of things to bring
Drinking water
Food Daily supplies Regular medicine Masks Thermometers Warm clothes, towels, etc.

Sufficient ventilation, securing space

Ventilation should be done regularly at the evacuation center to prevent infectious diseases. It is expected that the difference in temperature will increase, so please be prepared to make adjustments with clothing or towels for cold weather. Also, at the shelter, try to secure enough space for each other.

Thorough measures against infectious diseases

Please wear a mask at the evacuation center to prevent infectious diseases. Be sure to take basic measures against infectious diseases such as hand washing and cough etiquette.
At the evacuation center, we will be measuring body temperature and hearing the physical condition, so please cooperate.
If you feel unwell, please contact a person in charge.

Contact <br /> Disaster Prevention Section, Crisis Management Section, General Affairs Department
899-5492 25 Miyajima-cho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture Phone: 0995-66-3063
Fax number: 0995-65-7112

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