Location rankings I would like to visit / watch (Western Japan)

"Amakusa Gohashi," which was the stage for "Yowamushi Pedal," took first place. Location rankings I would like to visit / watch (Western Japan)

"Lifestyle Guide.com" (https://www.seikatsu-guide.com/), a community support site created by everyone, run by Wavedash Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Yuki Kono, President) We have announced the top 10 of everyone's ranking 11th "Locations I want to go and see (West Japan)".

This "Let's go to see and want to see location rankings (West Japan)" is a lifestyle guide for Western Japan's "locations and places where works are staged" carefully selected by the Life Guide. .com members select what they want to go and see, and the vote is used to make the decision.


The winner of this time was "Amakusa Gohashi" in Kamiamakusa.


"Amakusa Gobashi" is a generic name for the five bridges that connect the triangle town, Oyanojima, Nagaurashima, Oikejima, Maejima, and Amakusakamijima. It is also famous as a scenic spot because it has been selected as "." If you ride a bicycle or car, you will feel as if you were running on the sea. By the way, many of the bridges have different structures, and you can feel the beauty of the scenery even from a distance. Also, not only on the bridge, but also under the "Amakusa Gohashi" for kayaking, it seems fun!


From those who chose "Amakusa Gohashi" in Kamiamakusa city, "I visited many times, but it is a beautiful place. (Female in thirties)" "Blue clear sea and nature of small green islands artificial bridge It's connected and harmonious. (Men in 50s) "I often watch TV travel programs and want to go once. (Men in 40s)" "I love the original and it's very much for fans. It's a burning scene, so I really wanted to ride a bicycle. (Male in his 30s) ".

We received a comment from the person in charge of the Planning Policy Division of Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, who came in first place this time.
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■ Comments on the award and introduction of Amakusa Gohashi Thank you for giving me the prestigious award of “1st place in the rankings of places you want to go and see (Western Japan).” Amakusa Gohashi, which also became the stage of, is the generic name for the five bridges that connect the islands scattered on Route 266. The Amakusa area, which was completed in 1966 and became a remote island, continues to land on the mainland of Kyushu and is still the main artery of Amakusa. It was named "Amakusa Pearl Line" because of the thriving pearl culture in this area, and it was also selected as "100 Best Ways of Japan". It is a beautiful bridge that has not faded since it was made by consolidating the bridge technology that was said to be the best in Japan at the time.

■ Introducing the charm of Kamiamakusa City Kami Amakusa is surrounded by the beautiful sea and magnificent mountains, and almost all of the city is included in Unzen Amakusa National Park. The city boasts one of Japan's most prominent natural environments, including the Alps! Dolphin watching where you can observe wild dolphins in front of you. Enjoyable outdoor experiences such as sea kayaking, trekking and cycling. Abundant gourmet such as special product prawns and local chicken "Amakusa Daio". You can relax physically and mentally at the hot springs that enter while overlooking the sea. Please come to Kamiamakusa and enjoy the charm of Kamiamakusa, which goes above Naname.


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The "Location (West Japan)", which went from 2nd to 5th place, is as follows.

2nd place Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama City "Porto Europe"


Porto Europe in Wakayama City was the place where the main character lived in Osaka in the NHK continuous television novel "Manpuku". It is a theme park that reproduces the port town of medieval Europe in Wakayama Marina City. There are many spots where you can see the pictures from the adjacent hotel with a magnificent and beautiful ocean view.

No. 3 Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, “Father Kahama Beach”


"Chibagahama Beach" in Mitoyo City is a beach that boasts about 1km of long beach. It is called “Uyuni salt lake” in Japan, and the blue sky and the setting sun are reflected clearly by making the tide pool look like a mirror. It has been selected as one of the "100 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Japan" for its beauty as if it were a picture.

4th place Makido, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture


The stage of the movie "Yatsugakumura" was a limestone cave with a total length of about 450m, "Makido" in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture. The name comes from the poet Akiko Yosano's description of "a cave full of strangeness" and is designated as a natural monument in Okayama Prefecture. The "Ryugu Bridge" at the far end and the illuminated interior are so fantastic that it makes you want to take a picture in front of the bridge.

No. 5 Ryumojizaka, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture


“Ryumojizaka” in Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, is the stage for the NHK taiga drama “Saigo Don”. It is an old road that remains in the former Kajiki-cho, and was once the main road of the Satsuma Domain, which connects Edo and Satsuma for the Daimyo procession and the transportation of goods. It is often used as a stage in taiga dramas other than Saigo Don, and its mossy cobblestone slopes have been selected as one of the "History Road 100 Selections."

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