June 2nd is the day to head to the Daikusu Marche!

This coming Sunday, June 2nd, the "Dai Kusu Marche" will be held at the Gamou Tourism Exchange Center.

The parking lot at the Gamo Tourist Exchange Center will not be available on the day .

Please use the two temporary parking lots in the vicinity.

[Temporary parking lot]

  • The former site of Gamo Kindergarten near the Gamo Elementary School pool
  • Okunuki Sports Park Ball Field

What is Daikusu Marche?

This market brings together a wide variety of shops, workshops, and bakeries! There will also be booths set up by high school students! Fire engines, ambulances, police cars, and motorcycles are scheduled to be present in the morning (though they may not be able to attend due to being out on duty).

In addition, the Ryuo High School Brass Band (from 10:00), Gamogo Okunuki Boys Taiko (from 13:00), and Gamogo Taiko Bozu (from 14:30) will also be performing in the music space!

Raffle tickets will be distributed to those who shop at the venue. There will be a raffle at the headquarters, so you will have a chance to win some great prizes!

↑This is an event with lots of fun elements like this‼️

See the Instagram of Ookus Marche and Market here (@ookusumarche)