“Thoroughly talk about 900 years with Gamo Don”

Information about the lecture.

"Thoroughly talk about 900 years with Gamo Don"
-Gamou Hachiman Shrine Founding & Gamo Castle 900th Anniversary Special Lecture- will be held.

It is a good opportunity to learn a new side of Gamo that we feel close to, such as the Gamo Don-Shimadzu era from the instructors.

[Date and Time] Sunday, January 22, 2023, 14:00-16:00
[Venue] Gamo Public Hall (347 Shiroo, Gamo-cho, Aira City)
[Admission fee] Free (no prior application required)
[Inquiries] Gamo Furusato Koryukan / 0995-52-0115
[Lecturer] Izumi Haraguchi / Ryutaro Higashikawa
[Organizer] NPO Lab Gamogo
[Co-sponsored] Japan Heritage "Gamo Fumoto" Project
[Support] Aira City, Japan Heritage "Town where Samurai of Satsuma Lived" Charm Dissemination Promotion Council