The 5th Yamada no Sato Fire Oni

Hosted by Yamada Precinct Community Council
"The 5th Yamada no Sato Onibi-Taki – Folk Performing Arts Dedication -" will be held.

By all means, please go out in warm clothes!

[Date and time]

Sunday, January 8, 2023 16:30-19:00
*Postponed due to rain (9th)


Rice field near Nakagawara Bridge (behind Aira City Yamada Nursery School)


Children's Demon Mask Mikoshi, Shinto ritual, Shimona smallpox dance, Shimona stick dance, calligraphy performance, exorcism from arrows, firework ignition, skyrocket
*Contents and times are subject to change.


0995-73-7434 (Yamada Precinct Community Council)