[Exhibition] Temples and Buddha Statues in Aira City -Forms of Faith-

Focusing on the "form of faith",

Special exhibition introducing materials related to Kajiki Local Museum and Aira City

has been held since yesterday.

Please try to touch the "form of faith" that is inseparable from religion, temples, and Buddhist statues.

[Period] October 20th (Thursday) to December 4th (Sunday)
[Time] 9:00 to 17:00 (admission until 16:30)
[Address] Kajiki Folk Museum (250 Kariyacho, Kajikicho, Aira City, 899-5214)
[Closed] Mondays, October 18th, October 19th
[Fee] Free admission
[Inquiries] 0995-62-0130 (Kajiki Local Museum)

● Exhibition briefing session (about 40 minutes)
October 29th (Sat) 13:30-
Sunday, November 13, 13:30-
*Advance application not required

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