May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day”

Also, from May 31st to June 6th, it is "No Smoking Week".

Not only is smoking bad for you, but it also has a number of negative effects on the health of those around you who do not smoke. Let's take this opportunity to think about tobacco.

Tobacco health effects

Tobacco smoke contains about 5,300 chemicals, including about 70 carcinogens. These substances are carried throughout the body through the blood, as well as in areas that come into direct contact with tobacco smoke, such as the throat and lungs, and can cause cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and ischemic heart disease (myocardial infarction / angina). It may cause illness), stroke, etc.

Please be careful about "new cigarettes"

Recently, an increasing number of people are using new types of cigarettes (heat-not-burn tobacco, electronic cigarettes, etc.).

The relationship between the use of new cigarettes and the risk of illness and death has not been clarified at this time, but cases of health hazards caused by e-cigarettes have been reported overseas, and the risk of health hazards cannot be denied.

Also, please note that some of the electronic cigarettes sold with the indication "Nicotine-free" actually contain nicotine.

The smoke from the new cigarettes has a low odor and the steam is invisible, so it feels harmless. However, it is clear that some new cigarettes contain harmful substances, and it is necessary to pay attention to the health effects of smokers and second-hand smoke on the people around them.

The impact of tobacco on minors is serious

The mortality rate when smoking is started in minors (under 20 years old) is 5.5 times higher than that in non-smokers, and serious illnesses such as cancer and ischemic heart disease (myocardial infarction / angina) The risk of developing it is higher.

In addition, minors tend to be more dependent on nicotine than adults, making it difficult to quit smoking once they smoke.

Minors should not be distracted by the atmosphere of the place, such as "somehow" or "recommended by a friend". Also, adults around you should try to protect minors from tobacco.

Eliminate unwanted second-hand smoke!

Passive smoking means "to smoke another person's cigarette indoors or in a similar environment."

In addition to the "mainstream smoke" that smokers inhale directly, there are "second-hand smoke" that rises from the tip of the cigarette and "second-hand smoke" that smokers exhale. Inhaling "is equivalent to" passive smoking ".

Even people who do not smoke increase the risk of cancer, ischemic heart disease (myocardial infarction / angina), stroke, childhood asthma, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) due to smoke from other people's cigarettes. It is said. In addition, health effects such as decreased respiratory function, low birth weight, and fetal growth retardation have been reported.

In April 2020, a law to partially revise the Health Promotion Law was fully enforced, and in principle, smoking is prohibited indoors at restaurants, offices and business establishments, and people under the age of 20 are prohibited from entering smoking areas. , Unwanted passive smoking measures have begun.

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