[Information for holding a female firefighter hands-on internship]

How nice! 0 We hold briefing sessions, experiences such as water discharge training, and roundtable discussions. Would you like to experience a little "trigger" day at the fire department? 1 Implementation date and time <br /> From 13:00 to 17:15, Sunday, June 21, 2nd (Reception: from 12:30 to 13:00) * Rainy weather However, if an alarm is issued, it will be canceled. 2 place <br /> Aira City Fire Department Headquarters, 2040 Kida, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi 3 Qualification for application <br /> Female from 2nd grade to 25 years old (guardian can visit) Participation fee: Free 4 experience content Reception from 12:30 to 13:00 13:00 to 13:30 Orientation and workplace explanation […]

Open from May 7th: Aira City Tourist Information Center & Kusunoyu

How nice! 0 The tourist information center was closed until May 6th based on the expansion of the target area of the emergency declaration based on the "Special Measures Against Influenza Measures Law", but from May 7th (Thursday) Reopening business. Hours of operation 9 am-5pm Phone: 0995-67-6052 When visiting the museum, please help disinfect your fingers and wear a mask. In addition, Kusunoyu will resume operations tomorrow. We are waiting for the use of the shop. At the same time, most public facilities in the city will be used again after taking measures to prevent infection. For details, please contact the person in charge of each facility. Click here for […]

About opening of public facilities of city

How nice! 0 We would like to inform you that the public facilities of the city, which were closed until May 6th to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, will open from May 7th. There are some restrictions on usage, so please contact the person in charge of the facility for details. Also, with the extension of the emergency declaration period, Mayor Aira sent a message to citizens. Please check the Aira City website for the opening status of public facilities in the city and the mayor's message. Opening status of public facilities http://www.city.aira.lg.jp/kokyousisetukyuukan.html Mayor message http://www.city.aira.lg.jp/message.html?edit=1&mode=preview

Sakurajima and Kinkowan Geopark-AIRAview

How nice! 0 Connection between volcanoes, people and nature-Activities of active volcanoes that spread to the sea and symbiosis of cities- What is Geopark-Learning and enjoying the earth- Geo is a word for the earth and the earth. In other words, a geopark means a park on the ground. But just having a park is not fun. If you have various events, can participate in tours, and have a mechanism to learn while having fun, it will surely be a fun place. At Geopark, we aim to create such a fun place together. About Sakurajima and Kinkowan Geopark With the aim of promoting the culture and history cultivated by coexistence […]

Request from the fire department regarding burning

How nice! 0 News from the fire department The air is dry and the weather is very liable to cause fire. Due to the current weather conditions, there is a high risk that the fire will spread, so please refrain from burning now or stop it especially on windy days. In Aira City, fires have spread over the last few days due to the spread of fire. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. Aira City disaster prevention and local information email delivery service Click here for twitter

Support for restaurants! Aira Mirai Ticket

How nice! 0 Aira City Tourism Association and Aira City Specialty Products produce prepaid tickets to support Air Mirai Ticket To support restaurants and other businesses that are struggling to go out of business due to the spread of new coronavirus infections and the refraining from going out It's a business that gets you done. Even in Aira City, due to the outbreak of infected people in the prefecture and in the city, the mood for refraining from drinking parties and welcome and farewell parties is increasing, and the profits of restaurants are decreasing sharply. While refraining from the use of familiar izakaya and local restaurants, by purchasing a gift […]

Local child care support center

How nice! 0 Aira City currently has six child-raising support centers as support bases for child-raising households. All six child-rearing support centers in Aira City will be closed temporarily during the following periods to prevent new coronavirus infections. From April 20, 2019 to the end of the emergency declaration Activity schedule of each site (updated from time to time) Aira parent and child gathering open space "aiai" "Aiai Communication May 2020" (PDF: 629KB) Facility information (6 places) Aira parent and child gathering open space "aiai" 589 Nishimochida, Aira City (Aira Civic Center) 0995-73-5333 Kajiki parent and child gathering open space "Kajikizu" 253 Hommachi, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi (in Kajiki health center) 0995-73-6912 […]

Public information Aira [AIR Aview]

How nice! 0 We publish area, person, administration, event information every month on the 15th ✨ (Issued by: Aira City Office Editing: Public Relations Section, Secretary Public Relations Section) Click here for the PDF of "Latest Issue No.206 issued on April 15, 2nd year of Reiwa" Close-up: "Reiwa 2 administration policy and main business / budget" 10th anniversary town Pioneer Ira-Connect the power of multinationalism and culture to the charm of Aira City. 10th: “High school English teacher Jeremy Hird” from England Airato this month ~ pickup Airan: Mr. Taneda, the owner of "Kids Cafe & Bar LINK", a parent-child cafe using an old folk house In case of "new […]

Hoiku Information Service (Recruitment of childcare workers, waiting children, etc.)

How nice! 0 Supporting employment and reinstatement! We are delivering work information such as nursery schools Aira City is the only municipality in the mainland with an increasing population, but the increase in the number of children on standby is also an issue. As one of the measures, we are working to secure the missing childcare workers. "I want to work at a nursery school!" "I'm interested in a nursery school." In order to support your employment and reinstatement, we will send out information such as city nursery schools through "Hoiku Information Service". In addition to this page, it is also delivered via email, fax and LINE. Contents to be […]